Edit- Uinta Camp and Blade 2017

Well the edit is finally here. I wasn’t really planning on filming but once I got to the skate park I realized no one was really documenting the thing so I took it upon myself to try and make it happen. After a few month of feeling unmotivated to really create something I felt it was best to get this thing going and put together. Anyways, here is the edit and I hope you all come next year.




Uinta Camp and Blade 2017 from Manuel Rodriguez on Vimeo.



Geoff Phillip came through as the editor for the latest SLC blade video and what he gave us was 16 minutes of non stop all killer no filler blading from all of us here in SLC. Filmed by all the homies I can honestly tell you that everyone is excited about this release and is already working on an HD project to come in the future. So make sure to just watch and enjoy some blading here in the beehive state.

SLCDVX from Geoff Phillip on Vimeo.


Profile- Alex Jimenez

Lately the Ogden scene hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves. To be honest there pretty much is no scene there anymore now that most of the locals either quit or moved to Salt Lake. Luckily one dude is holding it down right now and even though he mostly does solo sessions he isn’t letting that discourage him from busting some great tricks all while giving Ogden a fresh take on blading. I sure hope Alex comes and skates with us more often here in SLC but honestly judging from the clips he has in this section it looks like maybe we need to go up there more often. This section was filmed and edited by Danial Larsen.