Thursday Night Blade-Park City

The boys from salt lake city went out to park city to change things up a bit and get some cooler weather in their lives. Such good times were had and seeing a skate park full of roller bladers was pretty inspiring. Anyways hope you all enjoy some rad park footage of everyone.

Filmed and Edited by Manuel Rodriguez

Guerrilla Blade Jam 2018 Edit

This years blade jam was a huge success with a little over 30 competitors and many people watching. Everyone skated their hearts out even with the scorching heat being almost 100 degrees. I was a little nervous about people not really trying to hard since it was so warm but they sure proved me wrong. There were plenty of WTF moments and even some scary falls. In the end Tad Tregeagle took home first place with some prizes and some cash. I want to give a big thanks to everyone who showed up to compete, Kirill Braynin for building some cool shit yet again. Train Owens and Carlos Guzman for handling business and of course the amazing sponsors who help make the event that much more legit. Thanks again to everyone involved. Couldn’t have done it would you. Thanks to Danial Larsen for filming and making the edit. Pics will be coming soon.


Edit- Uinta Camp and Blade 2017

Well the edit is finally here. I wasn’t really planning on filming but once I got to the skate park I realized no one was really documenting the thing so I took it upon myself to try and make it happen. After a few month of feeling unmotivated to really create something I felt it was best to get this thing going and put together. Anyways, here is the edit and I hope you all come next year.




Uinta Camp and Blade 2017 from Manuel Rodriguez on Vimeo.