SLC Exposure: Tad John’s SHOCK Interview

To see Tad’s full SHOCK interview click HERE.

Tad has been killing it since the day I ran into him at the Orem skate park. I still remember meeting him and Ice, and how I couldn’t believe I hadn’t met or heard of him prior to us meeting. The SLC blade scene was pretty small and the majority of rollerbladers would meet up at Thursday Night Blade, but I still had never met Tad in the few months I had lived in the same town as him. He was an amazing park rat and I would like to give myself the credit of really introducing him to skating street. Seriously his progression hasn’t stopped since the first time he landed 270 backfarf down the Linden rails and ran off yelling in excitement. Look for a ton more to come from him. He has a lot of life in him that still needs to live.


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