Catching Up with Jaren Grob

Jaren Grob made more money off of winning rollerblading competitions than anyone else I know. Now he is doing shows for Airwalk and STILL repping blading to the fullest.  Can’t wait to have him home again.

BL8: What have you been up to as of late?

Jaren: Traveling, doing shows, skating, partying. Having fun.

B: Elaborate, if you’d be so kind…

J: Ha just doing shows for all kinds of events school shows, car shows, concerts, traveling, a lot of places so that’s fun getting to see lots of places.  Partying it up. Been living in Texas for a little while but moving back to Utah soon! Love Utah!! Trying to skate a lot.

TTS- Las Vegas

B: What are you going to do once you get back to Utah?

J: It might still take a little bit to get out there, trying to save some money.  But hopefully skate a lot with all my homies!! Maybe try and start my own skatepark or shop, something.  I don’t want to work for anyone.  Just try and be happy with my friends and family.

B: Chris O wanted me to ask you if you like him?

J: Oh yea!!! Jallopino!!!!!  Power!!

B: What was the craziest thing that you experienced in the circus?

J: Damn there was a lot!!  Just been 16 living on a train making good money for skating! Travel all over! So many weird people! Partying!

B: Why did you kick Chris out of your apartment?

J: He was not ready to live in a house, did not respect my house.  He needed to f*ck up about 5 more apartments before he was ready for a house, haha.

B: Why did you let him move back in?

J: He’s my good friend! It’s hard to try and get money from your friends and tell them what to do with your stuff.  But he said he would help me out with my house better this time.  So came on back let’s party and skate!

B: Are you drunk already? These answers are making no sense…

J: Not yet.

B: Chris wanted me to ask you those questions about the house.  Back to business…

J: Don’t know really why, he’s my friend so I was like, “You could come back and live here.” Maybe drunk haha.  But I don’t drink as much as I used to so that’s good.  I took a whole year off of drinking, it felt great.

B: That’s awesome to hear.  Who are your all-time top 5 Utah bladers?

J: Mike Scott, Mikal Moore, Mitch Viles, Tory Treseder, and Chris Olpin.

B: The first half is now over.  Jazz are down by nine.  What do we need to do in the second half to put a frown on Jack Nicholson’s face?

J: Play like a Chocolate Covered White Boy!! [a rap group Chris started in 2003]

B: This is John Stockton on the phone, let me talk to JOHN STOCK-TAN!

J: Oster tag! Haha.

B:  What are your views on this recent health care bill passing?

J: Don’t know how I feel.  I need to hear more and read more about it.  And see how it with U.S. I for free stitches in Mexico City when I was 16 and got hit in the head, that was pretty cool.  But I have to read and hear more about it to see how I feel.

B: What was your proudest moment in blading?

J: There has been a few. X-games, video game, world champion, just being able to travel and skate so long and be a part of what I looked up to when I was a young.  Being a pro skater.

one of the first bladers in the history of the world to conquer the full-pipe

one of the first bladers in the history of the world to conquer the full-pipe


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