It’s Alive!

Rollerblading is alive again in UT!  I often try to get a quick 15 min session in at the PC skatepark over my lunch break and today was one of those days.  Many times there are a couple random rollerbladers there but today I saw an especially awesome sight.  As I rolled in there were 6 bladers I have never seen before blading with all the confidence in the world.  They weren’t the regular kids that borrowed a pair of skates and are only there for gym class; these were a new generation of energy that all rolled on the latest skates from RB to Valo and Remz and with custom set ups.  It was great to see all those guys embracing rollerblading in its fullest and helping build up blading once again.  It’s times like today that show us that rollerblading is growing once again.  I mean the last TNB i was able to go to had more bladers in attendance than skateboarders and bikers.  Now…. we just have to get this next generation street skating!


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