Post TNB street session with Zach Egbert:

Zach has been killing it, seriously killing it, for as long as I can remember.  I first moved to UT in the summer of 2003 to attend a semester of college prior to moving to South America.  I can still remember that young kid sporting Feinberg USD’s that could 450 royale on the rails at the Sandy skatepark long before anyone else.  He’s always come off as a reserved guy but with an awesome personality that is always a good time to blade with and quietly kills everything he skates.

We had been exchanging texts on and off for over a month trying to line up our schedule to go street skating.  Finally that happened.  After I arrived late to TNB and skated a bit we headed out to try to get a little street in before the sun was completely gone.  Here are a couple shots from the spot we were able to hit near Fairmont skatepark. – Beastmaster

Featured on HERE.


  1. noice noice…. thinkin dave and i will be sk8in street up north a lot more so i guess we know who to hit up… nice pic.

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