1. Sorry to Be the Stick in the Mud in this Puddle but Not Impressed with the edit. Some Hella Dope tricks! just not the edit. sorry Ive just seen at least 20 other edits just like it Lately.

  2. PSHhh whatever man this edit is so fresh good to see some great skating coming out of the CO. Jstone and Kfed are funny as shit too.

  3. ok the edit was pretty good with the tricks but there is one thing i see wrong with it. Most the kids in there dont have there own style. It can just be me but all i see is the same person going with differnt skates. Im not bashing tight pants or any of that cuz i could care less really its just when i see utah rollers they have there style. Then when i see others they just look all the same. Kevin is even doing that at least from what i saw. But they got my vote it was a sick edit and ill rep my homeboy kevin anyday

  4. Like I said not Bashing the tricks. The tricks were sick. But I gotta agree with Mike on the Style, and it seems like most edits Ive seen lately have this similar Style. I have to be honest or i die inside

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