Quick Hits: Three for One

While everyone was away or working, Kirill, Zach and I met up for some afternoon blading under the sun.  First spot was the library which has recently turned into a pretty quick bust.  We were able to get some quick lines in before getting booted.

After that we hit up some misc. objects behind a small private school in downtown SLC.  With a little rubbing and waxing we made a new but very gritty spot which we soon got kicked out of for making too much racket in the parking garage (don’t worry it’s not a bust, just don’t skate in the neighboring apts’ parking garage).

For fear of blowing out wheels we moved to the smooth side of the lot and got so hits on a perfect bike rack that had a little difficulty factor added to it; a bike lock in the middle.

There you have it three Quick Hits for the price of one. -Beastmaster


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