Spot Check: Matt’s Backyard

I received a picture text from John Dickerson on Weds of the skeleton of what would become the most amazing backyard ramp I have ever personally seen.  It was just like when I was younger and the park that my dad helped us to build in my backyard, only on steroids.  Well yesterday I was given the opportunity to skate this amazing backyard conversion.  After my eyes and cheeks were sore from staring and smiling the whole time, Matt informed me that this was just the start to something a lot bigger.  Their involvement with blading, music and large event scene has grown and they are taking a unique entrepreneurial approach at it.  This is just the beginning, and I don’t want to release too much information but just let you all know that this is hopefully going to grow to something huge.  Look for a short edit later today (waiting on vimeo) and a full, quality edit and more information to come soon. – Beastmaster


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