Event: Flow Zone Roll Contest

It’s around 5 in the afternoon as I get off the phone with Jeff
“frodo” Stranger, he is on the train and on the way to the Flow Zone
Roll Contest which is being held in Sandy at a privately owned ramp. I
throw on my backpack and head out into the Salt Lake City heat. An
hour later I am off the train and it’s a short walk from the station
to the comp. I arrive and the first thing I notice is the very
positive vibes at the house. Everyone is happy to see me whether they
know me or not, dudes are friendly and a lot of hand shaking goes on
people are great posing for pictures enthusiastically as I mill around
the property sticking my camera in faces without warning.

The ramp is getting the final touches when I arrive and it looks
amazing. The masonite layer is looking great and the ramp has been
painted since I saw it last and even had a small quarter added to the
side. Skates are being put on and people are just hanging out on the
ramp. Beers are passed out and you can tell everyone is just itching
to skate. At this point there is a good amount people on the property
rollerbladers and bystanders hanging out everywhere from the house to
the ramp socializing and having a good time. As soon the final bit of
masonite is put on and Matt Farnworth takes the first drop on the
finished product warm ups ensue and everyone starts throwing down. A
DJ sets the mood with some music everyone seems to be vibing off each
other and the ramp is packed with bladers on either side and it is
definitely at max capacity but there is no complaining even though
there are some gnarly near collisions. Judges are picked out and money
is collected the competition is about to get underway.

Unfortunately I didn’t take notes and it is several days later as I
write this so my recollection of the actual competition is hazy but I
can tell you people were going off and if you weren’t there you missed
some ridiculous stuff. During the contest the crowd is loud and
everyone is having a good time, somehow Chris Olpin finds himself in
charge of a megaphone and the ensuing commentary is so funny it
deserves special mention. The competition is still raging as the sun
begins to set but flood lights are brought to the rescue and the
skating doesn’t stop for more than 5 minutes. The night has arrived in
full when it all ends and Jeff “frodo” Stranger emerges victorious
with first place as a result of consistently stylish and monster
tricks. Colton Halladay is 2nd with Hazen Bell in 3rd.

All in all I would say the competition was a smashing success. With so
many people so happy about life and blading in one place it’s easy to
remember why I began to blade in the first place. I can’t wait to go
to the next event here in Salt Lake even if it has only half the
positivity and laughs that the Flow Zone Contest had it will be an
excellent time and I promise you will regret if you miss it. A special
thanks should go out to Matt Farnworth and anyone who helped build the
ramp the contest was held on. Also a thanks to anyone who came to
support rollerblading even if all you did was relax and have a drink
and a few laughs. – Shayne Smith


  1. on the real note though, wheres the real edit at?
    like when that ruli kid back roied across the box like a boss, or the multipule nines that were thrown? wheres all the juice?

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