Hot Session. Literally.

Today it broke 100 degrees but due to this being the day the pioneers arrived in Utah we celebrated with a blade session.  Actually, we didn’t celebrate I just happen to have the day off from work and was searching for some spots in West SLC that I saw in SLUG magazine, and TJ, Chris and Nick were all at Chris’ house which was close to where I was at.  I had never skated the Taylorsville skatepark before and called them up and told them to meet Buddy and I there.  It was a really fun time and that park is now one of my favorites.  After being burnt out from the sun and the glare of the concrete, Nick became out tour guide and we hit a few spots in his stomping grounds.  Here are some pictures of one of the spots that we brought back to life with a little love, a mason’s brick and a box of wax.  Enjoy.


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