Spot Check: Taylorsville Skatepark

Known for its ghettoness and rollerblader haters; the Taylorsville skate park is a diamond in the rough.  As a result of it being one of the oldest skateparks in the Salt Lake area, it is filled with mellow transitions, small coping and large expansion joints.  But even with all the negatives aspects it has, many positives can be found.  My favorite is the sharp iron angle ledges.  None of that safe, rounded-off-corners style iron angle that you see at most skateparks now, but the real stuff, the kind that you find on loading docks that lock perfectly.   Zach, Carlos and I went from spot to spot trying to dodge the rain today and ended up in Taylorsville with a long enough break from the rain to get a fun ledge session in.  For any of you that have not been to the Taylorsville park; go there.  And if you have been there; go back and enjoy the feeling you get when you wax ever single ledge there is in front of a group of skateboarders.  BL8 or DIE!  – Beastmaster


  1. This looks awesome. The only time I have been to this place I had a very large group of juggalos try to jump me. Possibly time to revisit.

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