Blader Spotlight: Ruli Velarde

I caught up with 15 yr old Park City local Ruli Velarde to find out what feed his enthusiasm for rollerblading.   He was first put on (hockey) skates when he was 4 and soon after moving to Park City was introduced to blading.  Since then he has met other bladers such as Mike Dougherty and Angie Smilkis, and their love for blading has been contagious.  It is great to see younger bladers coming up and developing their own style (the hat thing I don’t get either though) as individual rollerbladers.  Here are a few pics I was able to snap of Ruli is less 20 minutes at the Park City skatepark. – Beastmaster

One comment

  1. LOL ruli wtf is up with the hat…. Well im glad to be able to skate with this kid almost everyday. He’s always down for whatever and just enjoys skating for skating. No matter where we go or what we do hes always smiling and happy to have his skates on. Hes also made my love for rolling grow more because theres always fun to be had. Even though hes a half burrito 🙂

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