Spot Check: Kearns Skateplaza

After having the chance to skate the new Kearns skateplaza yesterday here are three statements about it:

1) It is the most amazing skatepark I have ever skated in my life.

2) It is full of little kids that do not understand skatepark etiquette.


3) The ignorant skateboarders far out weigh the good ones there.

Here is a quick mess around edit of Nick, Carlos, Zach, Tyson and I trying to dodge kids and get some clips. – Beastmaster


  1. Yeah the locking mechanism is broken and I wear my skates really tight so…when those ankles are a blastin’ that buckle is a blowin’

  2. So awesome! I want to be there next time a big session goes down! Beast you are nuts I can’t handle the negatives dude.

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