End of Summer Contest: Road to Spanish Fork

For all those that are interested, there will be an early morning session at Kearns Skateplaza (just south of 5400S and 4800W) prior to heading down to Spanish Fork for the End of Summer Contest.  Meet at the skate plaza at 10am (early to avoid the crowd).  Hopefully we will get a good group together in order to make a quality edit.  Everyone is invited.  This can also serve as a meeting spot to carpool down to Spanish Fork for Dave’s contest.  Support Blading!  Make a day out of it and let’s start early!  – Beastmaster


  1. end of summer maybe….. i know Mike D. is tryin to host another event somewhere in the valley i.e. Herriman or Kerns…. and MATT, EMO and I are hosting another FLOWZONE comp on 9/11. its on a saturday. GET STOKED. i don’t know if the summer is gonna be over for these events but its definalty something to get stoked on and support! can’t wait for Spanish Fork Bzdok! ONE LOVE!

  2. Yea the hijack is switched to kerns skate park. From what i have heard that park is amazing and id love to take over a place so new and take what we want. Also the date is changing due to the flowzone and not having back to back contest. Also the hijack finals will be in october. So lets get this going and everyone go out to the spanish fork contest and get more people involved with rolling..

  3. I’m looking forward to this Comp. Its a total High jack style comp. but the most people that you ever see at Spanish Fork park is maybe like five skate boarders, and Me and Bryan. so I’m stoked, And Pretty much all the people Ive talked too say their coming threw so it should be a good turn out. On another note theirs some sick new ledges in town, you’ll see them on your right as your getting off I-15. and Their lit. so maybe a lil after comp sesh there if anybodies still standing….ONE LOVE!

  4. ya show up fools. dave and i head up that way(slc and pc) all the time now its time to show some luv for the south, so just show up and have a good time lets all end this summer with as musc sk8ing as we can . i know we all need to stick together and rep eachother. show some luv and be real to the best fucking thing we all share……. rollerblading 🙂

  5. I will try my best to make it, but the tires on the rear of my car are about to have the cords showing. I am worried about a tire blowing on the freeway so I would definitely need a ride. I got gas $$$ and I will be at the Kearns park early that day too.

  6. I did some dealing and got work off but only untill around 3 or 4 I need a ride to Kearns and after the session if anyone can give me a ride back down south or to Trax after the Kearns session I would be appreciative. I got gas money and live in Murray hit me up if you have room in your car at all 801 661 6642 Thanks guys looking forward to a good session

  7. oh and keep in mind I will be hosting a street comp on the last weekend of September. I already have a few sponsors lined up and saving up some cash for a prize along with the entry fee money given to the winner. anyways ill see ya saturday.

  8. ill be up at kerns in the morning if its not raining… i can give e few people a ride but if ya need a ride back to the slc then ill have to need some gas so just talk to me in the mornight at kerns or give me a call 801 854 8315. later sk8er

  9. Comp has been Moved to American Fork Park. Directions: Get off at the exit in American Fork where the llamas are. It’s the 500 east exit. It’s just south of the Lehi exit, and just north of the new Pleasant Grove exit. It’s where Wal-Mart used to be but isn’t anymore. So get off there and head east, towards the mountains. You’re going to take a left, but don’t take the one by Carl’s Jr., take the one that’s just before Deseret Industries. So now you’re going north. Head a few blocks and it will be on your left. (Wimps)

  10. even that only a few turned out for the sf comp we had a killer sesh and got a lot of good sk8 clips thanks matt. so thanks to the peolpe that came out much luv

  11. i think now that a few of you have sk8ed spanish we should have a real comp after the flow zone comp…. so lets say 9/18/2010…. we will have it better planed and it a few weeks from now so get ur shiz together peeps and lets do it right. we will have some frames up for grabs and some whells so dont be gay and come sk8… there will be updats when the goods come it and more info posted soon. thanks all

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