Saturday Blade Session: New Spots, Backyard BBQ Session, & Old Favorites

After checking my spot list in my phone for the past few days I had a few new places I wanted to check out and/or bring to life.  The first spot/area was nestled right in the heart of SLC and turned out to be a success with both Hazen and I landing our tricks.

The next spot which will soon be “released to the public” required a lot of physical work that wore us down and we will have to revisit it.  After an afternoon’s work of rub-bricking, waxing and blading we headed down south to check out the flowzone bbq blade session at Matt, Justin and Zach’s house.  Let me just say that everyone cross their fingers/pray/help/whatever that their skatepark becomes a reality because it will be the most amazing thing to come to SLC to skate and will be an incredibly huge step in the right direction for rollerblading for more reasons than just a place to skate in the winter.

Anyhow, after a good time of hanging out and blading the ramp a group of us broke off and hit up one of my long time favorites and hardly ever skated spots behind the Sandy Aquarium to wrap up the day.

It was definately a beautiful day with a ton of variety, and some scabs to remember it by.  -Beastmaster


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