¡Ojá vato! Spot Check: Mexican Overpass and then some

Due to the rain putting a damper on the only blade day I was probably going to have this week, on my way home from work I was forced to think of spots that were covered.

I have ridden my bike through this overpass in west SLC several times and have always wanted to take some pics there but never really knew what could be done.  Tyson, his brother Ben, and a long lost blader friend – Andy were on their way over to my house to meet up since the great dryness of UT was able to dry the streets up quick.  I quickly convinced everyone that something could be done messing around on these banks and Andy was the first one to step up and get a pic.  Tyson later landed an AO wall ride as well and then some airs were had.

Then we found this little gem (which Andy AO Soul’d) buried in downtown on a quick detour we took as we headed to the main street granite ledges.

Just as the North Face once said; “Never Stop Exploring”.  -Beastmaster


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