Manuel making deals, and not just for Apple®

Manuel Rodriguez – Royale to AO Topsoul

As I have matured in rollerblading I have seen not only myself but a lot of other bladers experience the Love/Hate relationship that comes with rollerblading becoming so much a part of you.  You love it after a great session.  You hate it after you break yourself and get the medical bill.  You love it when your coworkers see pics of you blading and discover how buck it is.  You hate it when you are the only blader at a skatepark.  You love it when you finally work yourself up to try a spot that you have been scoping for months.  How ever the pattern goes for each one of us, we all experience it.  Remember, you have rollerbladed and continue to rollerblade for a reason.  Keep pushing yourself for that reason.  Enjoy every minute of it. -Beastmaster

Manuel Rodriguez – Ledge roll to acid soul


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