Contest RECAP: HiJack 2.0

On Oct 9th Fairmont skate park in the heart of slc went off. As soon as you walked in there are dozens of rollerbladers with smiles on there faces skates on there feet just having a good time. To start off the contest Billy hooked it up with a pair of kizer frames and 2 sets of wheels, for a best line contest. Everyone went off and with so many good lines from everyone it was hard to really judge it. Jeremy and Jon Easy pull way from the pack with some sick lines and you knew right then there is going to be a battle all day between them to. Jeremy came out on top with a pair of frames and wheels while Easy came away with some wheels.
After the runs we started the hijack and you could see that everyone is hyped and ready to go. Final round Jeremy Easy and Nate shinned above the rest and the battle went down. In the end Jeremy came out on top for the day while Easy and Nate fallowed and 2 and 3.
It was a great day and really stoked to see how people love rolling in utah and how committed they are to what they love. – Mike Dougherty

Photos and Text by Mike Dougherty


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