1. thats why i luv to sk8.. the people are dope and how we are one but all have are own style. i dont know where i would be or even if i would be the same person if i didnt Rollerblade. its my life and always will be in one way or another. thanks air borne and harvest in the crust. peace out.

  2. This is a great video, nicely put together and well done. The things that you guy’s said was true, It is so true that you notice it at an early age. Im happy that somebody finally put a video like this together to make it actually said even though it doesnt need to be said, its felt by each and everyone of us. Jus wanted to say again it is a Great video and I enjoyed taking the time to watch it. Sweet job guys.

  3. Yea i got to watch it and truely loved it. There are so many people that roll and all have such different backgrounds and it shows. The thing we all have in common is our love for one thing and thats rolling. Here in utah we have people the come from all walks of life. You have your hardcore rockers all the way to your thuged out rollers. There is no hate there is no putting down from eachother there is only respect and friendship that is true. This is why i roll, and ill do it tell the day i die

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