What rollerblading is for me: Billy Anderson

Beastmaster – True Makio.  Photo by Jana Anderson (his wife)

As I have hussled through by busy week, been stuck responding to owner’s reps/architects all day long, having to meet deadlines, working 60+hr weeks which never allow me to see the sun for more than 5 minutes during the day, I come to realize over and over how much of a release it is for me to put my blades on and roll.  It has gone from a hobby to an obsession to a crutch and then back again many times over the 12 years that I have rollerbladed.  It makes me who I am.  It affects my decisions and the way I look at things not only in my free time but in my professional life as well.  It has been the basis of where I go on vacations, what I save my money for and who I become friends with.  Rollerblading to me is one of the most influential things in my life.  Some call it a sport, others a life style.  But all and all it really is who I am.  A Blader.

*In order to diversify the content we post on the bl8ordieblog we are looking for others out there in the UT blade scene to contribute.  Whether they be ideas, articles, pictures or edits please get into contact with one of the administrators of the blog (Billy, Cameron, or Jeff) and let us know what you want to contribute.


  1. nice words beast. i think we need more porn on the blog, or maybe throwback rap videos like the SHOCK page posts. LOL (don’t take me too serious tho)

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