New School Ways.

Dan Dickerson – Royale Up

I remember back in the day when you would get juiced just to see a vx1000 or a GL1.  Only Videogroove had those and you were only lucky enough to see one when an ASA event took place or the Sunshine Tour came to a skatepark within 5 hrs of your house.  Well times have changed, we have grown up, gotten real jobs and cameras are a lot more accessible.  This session at a newly mason-stoned ledge just west of West High started off with three bladers and a Canon T1i, T2i and a 7D.  Times are changing and with cameras in the hands of more people expect to see more variety in the content that goes up on the blog. -Beastmaster

Beastmaster – Topporn Up

Jeremy – Ledge Roll to Acid Down

Photos by Shayne Smith


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