Spot Check: 9th and 9th Skatepark

As the weather gets colder more and more skateboarders (and bladers) head for the mountains to snowboard leaving most skateparks basically empty and ready for some fun sessions.  9th and 9th skatepark is definitely one of the parks that doesn’t get skated near enough by bladers, so we were in the area and decided to hit it up.  It was a great time and with so few people there we were able to stay moving to keep warm.


  1. you definitely want to wax your souls before you get there if there are old, disgruntled board-ers present. they real mean in the ghetto.

    glad you took that picture of the blades on the wire, bill. so awesome.

  2. you can wax anything at the parks here in the salt lake valley, its public. you just can’t be pus$y as Rue Paul HAHA i know 9th and 9th they are sticklers about waxing, that has yet to stop me or the other homies. its wax v.s. a bunch of old gay asses on wood with fire in they bellies. not much to worry about honestly. My 2 CENTS p.s. good pics beast makes me wanna go ride there.

  3. yeah i have never had a problem with waxing things there. Just if they’re skating one thing in particular ask if you can wax it or something and then wax everything else your skating.

  4. Well thats usually what i do, I ask before even if there not skating it. I try to show respect but eh it doesnt matter.. Nobody i’ve seen there has skated the coping. so thats what i was waxing then I hear a yell come from across the park. lol. Real “hard asses” at that part of salt lake.

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