RECAP: Turkey Bowl 2010

Dave Bzdok - Disaster AO Top Acid

Thanks to everyone that showed, too bad the skatepark was cold and the ramps sucked.  Good job skateboarders with no creativity nor motor skills.  Anyhow on a positive note it was a good time to roll around and do some grinds.  All I can say is, and I think I speak for everyone, I cannot wait for WeAreOne to open up.  But for now enjoy this quick iMovie edit.  – Beastmaster, Andy Luke and Shayne “Bring the Pain” Smith all in harmony.


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  2. Yeah i am not sure what it is about all of the indoor skateparks that have been built in UT the last couple of years. It seems like such a waste of time, money and resources to do something half-assed and have it only last a few months. There is a lot of wasted wood in there. Tons of the same thing and little to no creativity as far as ramps/obstacles and lay out goes. I have made more interesting skateparks out of crates and trash than that. It’s just really disappointing to go to a park like that and not be able to do anything about it. Can’t wait for WeAreOne.

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