Spot Check: PC Winter Blade

Mike D - Soul to Wallride


Being a rollerblader in Park City is really hard 6 months out of the year. Harsh snow storms and lack of covered spots, its hard to get a good session in. Last night Brandon Hayden and myself got tired of being inside and found a nice little gem at park city mountain resort. – Mike Dougherty

Brandon - Pornstar


  1. Anonymous honestly man people like you make me sick. You cant even put your real name while trying to insult people. You hate on others that are not like you. Sad man just sad.

  2. PC your scene is sick and Mike mad props for doing your own thing. Rollerblading needs diversity and people who are true to themselves. Anonymous I see you took a break from getting pounded out by your boyfriend long enough to hate on PC but I don’t see you being brave enough to put a face behind your actions. At least the kids in circus tents and red/gold/green are out shredding maybe you should take a lesson stop hating and put your blades on.

  3. yeah yeah! i agree with mike and shayne. BUSTER MOVE with the ol Anonymous listing. i feel like mikes been one of the most true UTAH skaters period. he’s never changed his image (which tons of heads in salt lake are guilty of… WHAA WHAA WHAA WHAAAAAAA) and also he’s always held rollerbladers up when any other extreme sport or people have tried to pull bladers down. try talkin shit to mike in person about your ideas…. that would be funny. not to say i like the HUGE ASS SWEATS (cause i don’t LIKE that look myself at all) and RASTA COLORS minus ALL THE GREEN BEAN SMOKE (cause i feel the two go together), Ha, mikes been keepin it real since befor alot of SLC bladers could even stand up on skates. so to put it my way…. Do You Mike Dirty ALL DAY!!!! and also “i thought i told you that he (mike) won’t stop!” LOL PEACE

  4. Yeah not too beat a dead horse but Its sad when so called Rollerbladers only look at the clothes rather than the skating and skill. I’m not exactly into the Skinny jeans(Kinda Fem) but its still the sport I love. Utah County’s holdin ya down Mike D

  5. I agree with every posting except anomynous. It shouldnt matter what ur rockin as long as your out there badin. DONT HATE SKATE

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