Spread the Good Word of Blading

(Photo by Cameron Card circa 2007)

Just cause the snow has fallen doesn’t mean that you need to stop blading.  Pick up a shovel and some ice melt and when a couple nice days of weather are in the forecast go out the night before and prep some spot for some wintertime-snowblading.

(Edit by me and Tad circa 2007)

Or go down to Home Depot and buy one 10′ 2×6, a scrap 2×4 at least 4′ long, a piece of 1.5″ PVC and some screws (total is under $15) and build yourself a toy rail that you can bring to some indoor parking garages.

Or get ahold of Matt and Zach and find out how you can help with getting WeAreOne built.

There are a ton of ways to keep BLADING even when there is 2′ of snow on the ground.  And with the new indoor park opening soon we all have a great opportunity to get hybernator-bladers out and even maybe some new faces.  Spread the Good Word of Blading. – Beastmaster

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