“You just got shown up by a girl!”: Angie Smulkis Spotlight

I’ve known Angie for over 6 years now. Over the years, not only has she grown into such a great skater but also, an even greater person.
She is quick to get a session going and skate all day just chillin out with her friends and having a laugh. She created Aszaultclothing.com
and also made the website. She is a person with great talents not only in rolling but in life.
When you ask her what is her favorite thing about rolling is her answer is always style. She grew up skating in Chicago were style was key
for so many years. Now she calls Park City Utah her home were the mountains are big and the clothes are even BIGGER.
If you’re looking to skate just hit her up on facebook or text her and she will be down to skate.  – Mike Dougherty


  1. that first pic is a good one! HOTTNESS and ROLLERBLADING are a good mixture for some people. ANGIE 4 DA WIN!!!! and its true, angie can show up most rollers out there no prob. swag is a must with this girl….

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