Mixing Business with Pleasure: Beastmaster

“Over the past couple years I have had to travel for work every few months for the projects that I have been working on or other things I am involved with.  Due to them being full of meetings and fly there early/fly back late type of trips, I have not been able to blade on any of them….even the ones I brought my blades along on.

Recently I was given the opportunity to attend a 3 day conference in Chicago where I not only was able to meet up with my old college roommate and really good friend, but I was also able to explore the city one night after the conference on my blades.  Growing up in the midwest I was familiar with some of the iconic spots in Chicago that I had seen in the VG’s of my day and other videos like SaltLess Water and what not.   So with camera in hand and blades on my feet I set out to the Lake Michigan shore to shoots some long exposures of the city and it’s light pollution onto the lake.

Even though it was humid and freezing I managed to take this self-portrait/long exposure on the infamous trannys on the lake shore.  With the help of my friend who manually held and shot off the flash when I aired, I got a great pic to document such a fun night of exploring a new city on my blades.  I am definitely going to try to make this a habit on future business trips.” Billy Anderson


  1. DUDE!!! what a cool shot bro. well done! Chi-town stalls is the new progressive dance move on the scene… Billy you the king of what they call the “Windy City Stall”! and i never knew you liked dancing…. where’s the clip. thats a youtube hit!

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