SLC Legends: Chase Bailey

What does legend mean in rollerblading?  Having a big profile in DB or a feature section in a VG?  A pro skate, wheel or frame?  I think the majority of the blade community would name off one of those as a fleeting characteristic of a rollerblading legend.  But what makes a real legend?  I think it goes deeper than that.  A true legend’s influence carries out much longer and broader than a generation of rollerbladers.

I would consider Chase to be one of that type of legend.  Soon to be Dr. Bailey, Chase has set an incredible example of a hard worker and go getter.  Helping bladers along the way.  It may not be apparent now but through bladers like Chase, who work hard to get themselves in positions of influence, rollerblading will grow.  It is rollerbladers like that that help influence moms and dads to get their kids gear and bring them to a skate park.

Much respect Chase.  I wish I had a copy of your DB profile for you to sign. – Beastmaster (grom 4life)


  1. if you’re from Salt Lake you know Chase. i think everyone looked/s up to him on some level or another. for me just like many i was hella grommin out every time i saw him at a spot or park. helped pattern my skating to what it is today, and where its going in the future. Word up and Thums up to Chase Bailey. -Justin Mousley Grom4Life GroundZEROorDie

  2. Chase is one of my all-time favorite people and bladers. I can’t say enough about the good times we used to have when he would visit us in St. George when we were all teenagers. Chase was always so amazing on blades and a great friend. Miss you Chase! -Luke

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