Spot Check: DayBreak Skateable Art Path

Beastmaster - Soul up and down the rainbow

Upon arrival to Kearns skatepark for an afternoon session we were denied access by multiple chains and locks, and a sign that said “No skating during wet conditions”.   Shayne nor I wanted to risk getting a trespassing ticket so we decided to head a little further south to DayBreak since neither of us had ever skated the infamous (featured in Transworld) skateable art path.

Beastmaster - Ride up Soul Down

Shayne "Bring the Pain" Smith - Gap to Soul

Although there are only 7 obstacles to hit, it still is a really fun spot to session.  It’s a legal skatespot but with the feel of street skating.  So basically the best of both worlds.  It is locations like these that we need all over.  They are cheap to construct (comparable to normal skateparks), blend in (sort of) with their surroundings, and a blast to blade.  So if you are ever in the area be sure to check it out.   We got 30 mins worth of jumping around and soul grinding in and it was a blast.  Oh and there are some really nice long, really long c-handicaps near by as well. – Beastmaster


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  2. only the pics makes my skin shiver in that nice special way! so cool! we dont have any wave-y-tings here at all.. or may be i havent been looking well.. however that second photo owns my respect ^^

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