Meet Me @ the Crossroads: Weds Blade Sesh

Torque Sess Slide - Beastmaster

“You Mormons always out Jew me!” – Shayne Smith (he’s a Jew) commenting how I was able to talk the kid working at the park to let me in for half price since we arrived a 3o minutes late and we only had 2.5 hours before it closed rather than the 3 hours you’re allowed with you admission.  And Shayne and Marc had to pay full price.

That Grab Air - Marc Clune

Top Acid over the gap - Hazen

Anyhow even though the park is extremely slippery, we made due and set up some new and fun obstacles (which we didn’t take pics on for some reason).  Hazen ended up showing up right after us and killed it until he split his hand open so deep on a screw that you could see the muscle fibers bulging out and he had to rush to the ER.  Bl8 or die! Right?  – Beastmaster

Step up launch to AO Makio - Beastmaster

Stale Grab - Marc


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