Premieres and Box Jam at We Are One

Tuesday night at WE ARE ONE skatepark for the Nimh video premiere and it looked like it was gonna be a good night. A pro shop complete with shirts, wheels, frames and anything else you would need as well as a projector for the movie were set up not to mention a grind box for an after movie session. The large gathering of bladers seemed more interested in the box session to follow the video premiere than the video itself and we all have winter to thank for this. With most parks shut down or snowed out and all our favorite street spots paved in ice a chance at an indoor session to a blader is about as rare and exciting as finding a crisp hundred dollar bill on the sidewalk.

Random complications prevented the Nimh video from arriving on time so Razors Game Theory ended up being the video watched and after a lot of rowdiness and screen heckling as well as some props given it was time for a box session.

The session was crazy and I didn’t even get to stay for the whole thing but I will say what I saw was some seriously raw blading. Kids were murdering that box and gnarly falls were happening every other trick. Props to everyone that came out and bladed harder than I have seen anyone blade in a while.

All and all a psyke out Nimh video premiere actually ended up being a great night despite some minor disappointment.

– Shayne Smith

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