Pros and Cons of Winter Blading

Even with as many cons that there are with trying to street blade in the winter, there are a few pros.  If you have ever tried to skate during the winter months I am sure you have learned that falls hurt more, skin cuts easier, ice and urethane don’t work well together, most spots are covered in snow or have piles plowed up against them that last for months, it takes 2 hrs for your hands to thaw, your skates are stiff, and the list could go on.  But as much as many of us try to ignore it/ find replacements for it, the urge for a good session still always burns inside of us.  That is the problem with rollerblading; it becomes your life and so essential for your well being.

Well there are some pros to winter blading.  They just need to be found/recognized.  For one, most spots that are skateable are a no bust because people don’t expect you to be out on your blades in the middle of the winter when there is snow on the ground.  Another is it forces you to test your skating abilities a little more.  Tricks are twice as hard when you can feel your toes or your legs are stiff.

Well we live in UT where we supposedly have the World’s Greatest Snow.  All it takes is a couple shovels, some ice melt and a little motivation.  As well as some buds to keep you warm:


One comment

  1. haha, this was the coolEST ”report” ever!

    and im lovin all the photos, they’re so cute and sick at the same time!
    i just watched a korean aggressive-inline movie and i wish the snow outside could melt fasterrr!
    that last few sentences at the first paragraph – its like you’ve been into mine and a lot other skaters’ hearts. its the Truth.

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