Spot Check: Fairmont Park and Its Surroundings

Nick Swan - Back Royale

One of the biggest complaints we as rollerbladers have about skateparks is that they are usually designed by skateboarders or at least with them in mind.  You are lucky to find a ledge taller than your shin or a round rail.  Fortunately enough Fairmont park has both of those within a block of the park.  After a few minutes of rub bricking and a long conversation with a area resident wondering what I was doing, a new spot was born.

Better angle of the curve.

So in celebration of birth.. I asked the new and proud father (of a baby), Nick Swan to hit it up for the blog.  This new gap to partial C ledge to gap is no further than 200 feet from the entrance of the skatepark and now slides like butter.  We also managed to snap some picks at the skatepark before my hands froze solid.

Kirill - Makio Slide over Hip

Nick - 360 lu-kang over table



  1. i just wanted to add that the back royale on the ledge was just an attempt ..couldn’t gap out of it.

    thanks for the support Billy!

  2. It’s definitely a day spot since there is minimal lighting. Especially for us that are blind as bats when it’s dark.

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