Spot Check: Industrial South SLC 1900S and 900W

Andy Luke - Fishbrain to drop

Despite the scare of midday snow, today turned out to be a really fun day once the sun popped out.  Always on the lookout for new terrain, Andy and I headed out to search for some new hits in SW SLC.  After a few dozen failed areas we noticed a small bump to loading dock.  While checking it out we found that the small industrial park was loaded with a variety of obstacles for us to try.  After an hour or so we were sweating and ended up with a good grip of photos to show the spots.  Enjoy.  – Beastmaster

Beastmaster - Soul across iron angle ledge to soul down rail

Beastmaster - True Mistrial up to loading dock

Andy Luke - Frontside

Beastmaster - Stale 180

Beastmaster - Mellow Bump to Top Acid


  1. I think this is my most favorite bunch of photos I have seen in a while. SICK spot dude I think a small edit for this spot would be rad all that stuff looked like a blast to skate. I am stoked on the Fishbrain and the soul from ledge to rail was bad ass I want to see that as a clip!

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