We Are One: Official Sneek Peek

Due to various delays caused and restrictions put on by Midvale City (or maybe West Valley City) We Are One is still unable to officially open to the public.  Once it does SLC will have one of the sickest indoor (quality not quantity i.e. size) skatepark I have ever scene.  Thanks to all the effort and vision of Matt and Zach we will all have a place to gather and blade when the weather outside isn’t so welcoming to blading or even on a nice day when you want to roll some wood.  We Are One is going to be a huge push forward for the local SLC blade scene and will hopefully generate more bladers and more visitors.

Here are some pics from the official sneek peek session that went down with special guest Del the Funky Homosapien in attendence (aka Deltron 3030 – songs in multiple skate vids).

Look for more pics, an edit and interviews in an upcoming Be-mag.com feature article. -Beastmaster


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