Bl8orDie, but don’t take it literally.

I think we all have had our fair share of run in with the cops due to the illegality of blading.  Occasionally our names have been documented, background checks ran and if you have ever been real unlucky, a ticket is issued and/or court time is served.

Beastmaster – Fishbrain

On our way to TNB (that was cut short due to Sandy’s lights not being on) Hazen and his girlfriend along with Andy, Zach and I made a pit spot at what I thought was a lit spot that I found a couple weeks earlier.  With no lights, the spot was near impossible to see unless you timed it right to get a little bit of light from the on coming traffic.  After being at the spot for about 15 minutes trying to shoot some photos, Andy’s photo taking pose apparently appeared as if he was on his knees about to blow his head off causing someone to call the cops.

Before we knew it both flows of traffic were stopped, we were surrounded by 9 flashing cop cars, one fire truck and a cop with a machine gun cocked and ready (that part i didn’t really understand).  Apparently a passer-byer call the police saying that there was someone about to commit suicide at the overpass we were at.  Bl8 or Die was taken a little too seriously.

After a short conversation with the closest cop and Andy having to reenact his photo pose, the cops were called off and we had a good awestruck laugh and skated back to our cars dumbfounded by what just happened.

Lesson learned: don’t squat under dark overpasses at night nor yell Bl8 or Die at someone.

Bl8 or Die! but not seriously. – Beastmaster


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