Blood & Blading

Dan Dickerson - Left foot roll to AO farside Makio

Blood & blading tend to go hand and hand.  But tonight’s blood wasn’t a blader’s.  As we rolled up to this spot that Jeff had spotted earlier, to our surprise there was a man passed out on the stair set right next to the spot.  Thinking it would be funny to do something to him we approached him to get a picture but just as we got close a woman came running towards us screaming.  Apparently it was the passed out drunk guy’s wife.  As she rolled him over we saw that his face was covered in blood due to the face plant he had on the stairs when he passed out.  After a few minutes of his wife screaming at him and asking all of us to use our cell phones to call her son before the cops came, we were able to hit this spot.  We figured out a pretty cool and fun way to use all aspects of the spot and Jeff ended up getting a pic for his scumpire article, and Dan and Andy got these pics.

Andy Luke - Air to Fakie roll

Oh the adventures of rollerblading. – Beastmaster

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