1. no i think ur the gayest thing to happen as long as peeps are still sk8ing and doing something about it they are good in my book… if ur goin to have all this anger go sk8 board because you dont belong here … rollerbladers support each other and thats the bottom line buddy.

  2. Haha. Sk8? Are you 13? Tell quinn feldman and david jones congrats on their awesome style. Ripstyle bro! Fuck Rock Killas!

  3. Why would you hate.. are you one of those people who really cant skate and just get mad cuz you couldnt be in one of these contest???

  4. Damn, you are a fool. This is the first real competition that we have ever had in SLC. This will probably get international recognition for WAO. Shut the fuck up and support your homies. is it a WRS event? we need to get one of those too!

  5. Damn just to warn you.. i find out who you are im going to kick your ass.. Im sick of fucking fags like you talk so much shit. Just wait homie you have pissed off the wrong person

  6. get your history right. numerous people have thrown plenty of REAL contests over the years in utah: beast, frodo, erock, etc.

  7. dude above me is right. And chill dudes, all im saying is that chosen few is wack as fuck. There are plenty of established bladers in utah that could host a much more respectable contest than an immature kid from LA. And dan is right too, how is this park comp in a street comp series? Awesome organization, chosen few. FRK.

  8. Yeah come on give us some credit! HAha Rollmart Contest, Last Deuce Standing, Trick or Die, eRock’s farewell Jam…. I’m tempted to get another real street contest in the works. Jeff and I have been thinking about it. It would be awesome to get another one as big as Trick or Die was. Just need to get motivated to solicit prizes and sponsors.

    With that said and with regard to everyone’s comments; AChosen-few needs to get some credit. Sure the whole rock killers thing / Ripstyle crew and what not is kind of weird but at least they are doing something some what official. Putting on a REAL contest takes work that a lot of times is over looked.

    Maybe we could do a street contest around the same time as the WAO contest and make a blade weekend out of it similar to what they are doing with the windy city riot this year. It may bring more people to both contests by doing that. Just a thought.

  9. i am with billy.. if they aren’t going to throw a street contest and it is going to be only WAO then i vote JEFF AND BILLY throw a pre WAO street fest prior to this park one. just a thought… i would love to watch Zach Egbert kill everything.

  10. So after a whole lot of research and testing I officially found out this isn’t rollernews. Pretty happy to crack that one.

  11. In the x-games they did vert and street. thats what the course’s are typically called for those who don’t know or need an update . 🙂 Quinn is smart for whaving a comp at a brand new venue. HAHA everyone else who dosen’t think so is a lame and we be caught in the dust soon enough.

    Oh and all the local comp’s were just that “LOCAL” thrown by local bladers. The Chosen Few contest will be the biggest thing since ASA qualifiers in the 90’s at REAL RIDE SALT LAKE. damn keep it straight. figured i’d drop a lil knowledge. correct me if i’m wrong. this is really good for: SLC, locals, utah, the scene, and most importantly ROLLERBLADING as a whole (LOL even Quinn). who knows this Summer might be even better and more profound than i have anticipated. PEACE

  12. ……doing the Chosen-Few at an indoor is kinda next level if ya think about it. different from the standard many hold the series to, true, but its alot better than a kick in the shins! HAHA I heart Haters!

  13. ❤ Justin… what is wrong with having a contest in an amazing indoor park??? Hijack has its contest on outdoor parks and no one bitches. Chosen Few is a sick contest and cant wait for July 18th when SLC reps up and shows how rolling gets down here.
    Thanks Zack, Matt and Justin for this cant wait for more to come.. Keep it up homies

  14. I know we have had contests here, i have been to a couple of them. They were alot of fun and there was some epic skating. But out side of Utah no one had heard of them, I think this is the first serious event that people out of state are going to here about. Its the difference between having a skating contest with friends and having an event that the whole industry knows and cares about. I’m down for more street comps and real street comps too, I just want SLC to have its own bitter cold showdown or something like it.

  15. “Soul-Skaters” represent!

    Do you skate for Team Pub N’ Suds or X-Bladz!

    This competition sounds like it’s for bitter old hags with loose vaginas that have carrots stuck up them.

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