Saturday Blade Session: From North to South

Saturday a group of us set out to do some street blading.  With a spot list in my phone we were hoping to have a really productive day of blading.  Plans soon changed upon rolling up to the first spot on the list when two cars were parked over the areas of a bank to ledge I had mason stoned a few days prior.  The sun was out and we had just drove to Bountiful to hit this spot.  So rather than turning around, Manuel decided to improvise and pulled off this gap to back farf.  That trick as well as the fun session we had a Bountiful’s prefab’d park set the momentum for the day as we went about trying to find new things to skate.

Several hours later with sore legs, bloody knees and cut palms we all had smiles on our faces from such a fun day blading with buds in the sun. – Beastmaster


  1. Yes. Thanks Jeff. Sorry for not mentioning that? Hey did you guys skate the bank to ledge already? I noticed it was marked up and i wanted to know when a good time to skate there is because the call center was full of cars when we went blocking the spot. Also i want to pour a tranny there to make a launch up the the wall. Could probably pull it off with 2-3 bags of concrete mix and 5 minutes of floating….might be my next project.

  2. Yeah, we shredded it last week after you and I went there. I am down to help on spot maintenance. Let’s do work. Nicholas has a really good idea for a rail atop the curb…

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