1. This location should not be bladed between the hours of 6am to 11pm. Though Billy and co were able to blade this during the day, in most cases you will be kicked out. If you do, be polite and leave. I would like these to remain sessionable for years to come.

    There are electrical outlets you can use, so bring flood lights. This is a really fun spot that has potential for dope lines. Someone organize the first night session. Get shit crackin bees.

  2. Very much agreed. We skated the spot from about 6:30-7:30pm on a Saturday. When it comes to street skating do it responsibly, not just to prevent you for getting busted but for the benefit of the whole blading community. Be smart about it. Thanks for whomever posted the above post. I think that should be a disclaimer for the majority of spots that are posted on this site.

  3. Sorry I missed this session! I’ll for sure make it to the next one. I’m back on the blades again full time now that winter is on its way out.

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