Saturday Bike n’ Blade Session

Beastmaster - Bump to Darkside True AO Top Acid

Jeff Stanger - Bump to Back Backslide

The Gear

Unconsciously we celebrated Earth Day a day late and set out on a bike n’ blade session today.  Soon to become a regular thing, biking from spot to spot is not only good for the environment but it also forces you to skate everything that crosses your path.  Here are a couple shot from this morning’s bike n’ blade session.

Jeff Stanger - Back Royal 360 Lu-kang

Beastmaster - Royal up to Fishbrain

Bikin' n' Bladin' - Like we were 12 again.

Zach didn’t bike but he still bladed.  And killed this transfer.  – Beastmaster

Zach - Back Royale Gap Back Royale


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