1. sorry but those first few hits made me want to turn the edit off. use some sense and do put only proper tricks in your edits.

  2. Hey man it was a spot check. and its funny those two other guys just started skating and yet they are skating something they never have skated before… Next time learn your roll before you speak..

  3. sounds you need to learn to edit properly. that’s great that you are trying to promote your buddies that are just starting to blade but don’t have it posted on here.

  4. See the thing is people like you should just stop take off your skates and give them to someone whos will make rolling better. Getting new guys out there to skate and filming them and then posting it some place where they can be stoked on rolling even more. They show there buddies the site that gets them stoked on rolling they buy skates so on and so on.
    Posting newbies on this site or any other site promotes rolling better then just showing pros. Thats why you have team videos or videos period. So you can go on posting hate and and being closed in while ill take my “buddies” get more rollers into blading and have a blast.
    O and good job at sounding like an ass and not posting your name.

  5. Well, I liked it……I think you and your buddies in PC have been doing great! You guys are way good!

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