Quick Hit: Manuel Rodriguez on the Retro Apt Step Down Rail

New spots are always a blast to find and figure out.  This spot I have been spotting for months but there has always been a car parked in front of it when I have gone there.  Fortunately Apt #1 is now up for rent, meaning there won’t be a car in front of it until its filled.

The sun was out and Manuel was interested.

Like I said previously, one of the best things about finding new spots is figuring them out.  For example this spot has a grate right as you jump up the stairs forcing you to land on a 8″ wide strip putting you neutral on the rail (not frontside nor backside).  The rail also is extremely wobbley and has chains connecting it to the wall.  It is also made up of two completely different types of rails and has an offsetted drop down of about 3-4″.  With all that considered, Manuel was able to figure it out and lace a neutral royale to 450 off the hard way.  Problem solved. – Beastmaster


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