All in a day’s work: Saturday Rub Bricking

Last saturday Andy mentioned that he remembered seeing a down ledge a few years back off of the 4500S exit.  With no spots planned out, Andy, Zach and I headed south to check it out.  After finally finding the spot Andy was talking about we realize that it was about 200 feet long and was a really gritty old concrete.  Fortunately we found an amazing C-ledge that went over two sets of stairs on the other side of the lot that the down ledge was one.  We set ourselves to work rub bricking like crazy this new find.  It took a lot of work but was definitely worth it.

Hopefully sooner than later we or someone else will find the  motivation to rub brick some other areas of this old school yard that quickly had a name given to it: “Bum’s Hideout”.   – Beastmaster


  1. i can’t belive you guys took the time to start that project. i’ve seen that sopt around for so long and never thought it would come to life. good one fellas.

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