So I realized I had some extra wheels from one of the packages I got from the Conference a while back and thought that I might be cool to hold a little picture contest here on the blog.  So here are the rules and instructions:

  1. One picture per person – Pick your best
  2. Can be any format – i.e. cell phone pic, camera pic, Instagram/hipstomatic filters, whatever you want.
  3. This contest is to show your creativity in your spot selection, how you show the trick and how you capture the whole moment/atmosphere.  NOT necessarily a biggest/best trick contest.
  4. Only street skating pictures.
  5. Submissions are due July 15th.  Email to with PHOTO CONTEST in the subject line.
  6. All pics that meet the requirements will be post on the blog immediately following the deadline and voting will be done through the blog by its readers.

Good luck – Beastmaster

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