It’s about time!!!! Manuel Rodriguez 2011 PART!!!

So I know the skating is not super amazing but I just want to say that as I get older Im noticing a love/hate relationship with rollerblading. Adult priorities change most of all and rollerlbading unfortunatley becomes something you can’t always do. This part was such a challenge for me to put together due to things like work,injuries,other interest and of course the ladies. Only being able to skate once a month if I was lucky also made it difficult. Luckily thats all changed now and am now blading more consistenley.This section is also missing a ton of newer clips so I apologize for some old footy put in here for filler. I hope you all enjoy it and I promise my next part will come off way harder…PARTY!


  1. Really cool edit man. I like the spot choices. Pretty rad variety of spots and clean smooth tricks. Ill be looking forward to peep the next edit. Peace!

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