Spot Check: North Temple Construction Barriers

I found these tranny barriers the other night right near where they are stock piling the steel for the new N.Temple bridge.  The are usually blocked off by a construction fence but yesterday I was able to convince the construction dude that I wasn’t damaging any of their stuff and that I would put the fence back when I was done.  He was a nice guy and say that even though he was required to have it closed off that he wouldn’t know if we removed the fence after he left.  The first transition (right at the beginning) is steeper and although rougher makes the barrier feel more like a sharp quarter than the second transition as well as the 600N overpass barriers.  Although the heat radiating off of the aspalt made it feel like it was 135 degrees we were able to session these for a bit.  Definitely cool to find spots that someone else put some work into and you don’t have to.  – Beastmaster

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