1. yeah I’m not usually a hater but I have to agree with anonymous about the hand, Shame Shame Andy Hamilton. next time we cut them off, Lol Jk Ya’ll. I’m bored

  2. Lol, i guarantee that Andy has voted all 33 times for himself. I doubt very much that 33 individuals in this town even know who he is.

  3. Actually you can only vote once from a computer so he would have to have a lot if them. And he is actually one of our out of state followers. I think he’s from PA.

  4. andy from pa must be doing some killer self-promotion. hats off to him if that’s the case. people have done crazier things for a set of wheels.

  5. And ya’ll thought Andy was the cheater…. I think the finger needs to be pointed elsewhere. Cough Mikal Cough

  6. So I just caught wind of this whole “skepticism” thing. Networking is my forte… I mean I’m a damn promoter who makes a living off of making friends and getting them to do me favors and vice versa. If I send a message or text blast at a specific time, the results will probably come within a couple of hours it was sent. Say what you will, the numbers don’t lie.

    I’ll admit, this wasn’t really a quality of photo contest but more of a popularity contest. I’m more stoked that the blog is getting hits from people who don’t know we exist even if it was for a photo contest.

  7. So abviously this was misrepresented as a photo contest (not about the pic at all), instead it was “look at me, I have friends!!”

  8. GO DAVID BZDOK!! Lets see you people vote for someone with REAL incredible TALENT and SKILL! Not a friend contest, but I must admit it IS good that the page is getting exposure to people that normally wouldnt even know it existed.

  9. People whining about “cheating” and clowning my “honesty” is about as out of touch as Donnie Walsh as the GM of the Knicks. Of course this was going to be a popularity contest. Anytime you put things out in the public it always is.

    Popularity won. The best pic (ANDY’S) didn’t. So don’t bitch about this being about popularity cause most everyone voted for the wrong picture (including mine). It’s just the way it is and I have no qualms with Tommy winning because I’m smart and I understand how things work.

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