Event: Regardless Premiere @ WAO

Nate – Somebody start calling him big papa.  It amazes me that being where he is at in life, a little older and a father, that he is still able to throw down so hard.  Disaster Sav.

For any of you who weren’t able to make it, WAO hosted a premiere of Brandon Negrete’s new blade flick REGARDLESS, which is sick.  Save your bucks and get a copy from the blade shop at WAO and buy some new skates while you’re at it.  After the premiere was a fun blade session with the pretty decently sized group of bladers that gather for the video.  Here’s some pics.

Jon – making everything look “easy” with a true top porn

Tommy – Photo contest winner with a disaster back royale


  1. Yeah there’s still tnb. It’s usually at sandy. Check the Utah blade scene Facebook page for it each week. There is also tues night blade at park city park.

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