Blade Life: Safety First

It seems that a lot of bladers as of lately have made the responsible decision of sporting a helmet when they’re out blading.   Especially in our local scene.  Leading the way by example, Cameron started to wear one after his near fatal head shot.  Nick’s a father now and although I am not sure that that is the reason for him wearing a helmet, it definitely would be a good one.

I think that as we all get older and realize that we want to play it a little safer so that we can continue to do the things we love for as long as possible, we all start to reevaluate how we do them and take the necessary precautions.  Whether it be wearing a  helmet, stretching, not skating drop rails, yoga or weight lifting a lot of us as we age are taking these precautions and preparations.  Mike D recently started sporting a helmet due to many close calls and head shots.  Here he is busting out at PC skatepark with a backslide. – Beastmaster

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